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Website webmaster

Website can only serve a company, or person, if they are updated regularly, and any errors are detected as soon as possible. Subscribe to our webmaster option, and you will receive website updates, and monitoring of your website.

What the service includes

Options and services availible via the webmaster service:

  • 10 small changes per month (e.g. changing banners, image, adding text to news pages)
    1 hours development (e.g. new page).
  • Changes can be carried over to following months.
  • Monitoring feedback from search engines to detect any errors, or issues
  • Remain informed about current website and search trends. We will inform you of any new technologies, or search engine / directory developments we feel may benefit your site.
  • Pay a monthly subscription, or pay in advance for a full year, and get the festive season free.

Pricing for webmaster services

Item Price
Monthly Fee R150.00
Annual Fee R1350.00

Pricing for optional extras / additional costs

Apart from the standard package, additional items can be selected for inclusion in the final project.

Item Price
Additional development (on-site) R275.00 / hour (excl. travel)
Additional development (off-site) R250.00 / hour
Data archive R25.00 / CD
Data archive R40.00 / DVD
Travel R2.92 / KM


  • The monthly changes are limited to small changes. Page changes, new development, scripting, or database design are not included.
  • The responsibility on copyright and content usage rests with the customer.
  • See our website F.A.Q's