Showreel, Video, Photo, Audio & Web.

Webcast creation

A great way to introduce yourself to potential clients, directors, producers and agents. A stand-in if you happen to miss a request casting. A webcast can be forwarded by your agent to the casting director.

What the shoot entails

What to expect on a webcast shoot

  • Introduction, with name and agency, profiles, and show of hands
  • Footage of you in casual wear, swimwear, corporate and evening clothing.
  • A series of poses.
  • Short scene of you eating yoghurt.
  • A short scene showing emotional progression.
  • If you have any special skills that are possible to film in a studio, we can include these. Please discuss this with us.

What the disc will contain

We offer a standard package of your footage.

  • Short edit of your footage.
  • An opening title with your agency name, and your statistics, for the footage.
  • Label printed directly onto the disc
  • A DVD jewel case to store the disc.

Requirements for webcast

What is needed for a webcast shoot.

  • Girls: we need your height, shoe size, bust, waist, hips, dress size.
  • Guys: we need your height, shoe size, chest, collar, waist, suit size.
  • If you have a Z-Card, please bring it.
  • Headshot if you have one. (Should you need photos, we have a pre-agency photoshoot that might be worthwhile.)
  • Girls, bring the following clothing changes: swimwear (we recommend a bikini), a casual change of clothing, corporate wear, and an evening / cocktail dress.
  • Guys, bring the following clothing changes: swimming trunks, a casual change of clothing, corporate wear, and suit and tie.
  • Shoes to match your clothing changes.
  • Avoid loud, busy and branded clothing.
  • Girls: If you wish to do your own make-up, arrive with your face done naturally, and your hair neat. Bring items to touch-up and darken for various looks.
  • Guys: Bring powder, and lip balm. You may want to bring some gel too.

Standard package

The standard package contains:

  • A DVD disc with the edited footage.
  • The disc will have an e-mailable video file for your agent to forward on to relevant clients, directors, producers, and casting directors.
  • The disc will be playable as a DVD, with high quality video.
  • Name and agency details printed on the disc.
  • A jewel case to store the disc in.

Pricing for standard package

Disc authoring, and discs are priced separately. This allows us to keep pricing low, and to allow you to purchase numerous copies of your disc at an affordable price.
You may want to make use of our make-up specialist.

Item Price
Webcast R750.00
Pre-shoot make-up session (optional) R550.00
Additional copy R20.00 / disc
Additional Packaging (case type) R15.00
Additional Packaging (sleeve type) R5.00


  • Turnaround times for webcast editing can be longer during season (October - March)
  • Do not wear visibly branded clothing items, busy patterns, or loud colours.
  • Arrive on time, and be professional. Studio time is precious.