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Thank you DVD for wedding guests

The ideal way to thank the guests from your special day.

What the disc will contain

The disc is delivered with a few standard features, and some options chosen by the customer. The standard disc contains:

  • Discs can be either 12cm (normal) size, or smaller 8cm discs (recommended). Unconventional shapes are available, but these are not recommended when storing video footage due to limitations in storage capacity and their increased price
  • All discs have a label printed directly onto the disc. This can be plain text, artistic text, or a photograph.
  • Discs are presented in a cover, with printed insert, which can contain plain text, artistic text, or photographs.
  • A menu is added to the disc to allow for easy navigation, these can comprise of stills, text and video.
  • A photo slideshow with special moments, with either narration, background music, or sound captured from the wedding video.
  • Background music can be played during the slideshow. The customer supplies these, either in digital format, or on various media. Responsibility for copyright rests with the customer.
  • Photographs can be stored on the disc in computer readable form as well, allowing guests to print those out for their own use.
  • An opening title is added, as well as captions if requested for photos. A message from the bride and groom to thank guests is presented during playback in the form of a title.
  • DVDs are formatted for the highest quality, and for greatest compatibility. Written on DVD-R discs, with an aspect ratio of 4:3, and Dolby Digital 2.0 sound.

Requirements to create a disc

In order to create a DVD disc for a wedding ‘thank you’, we require some information from the customer, as well as certain video or photographic items. These standard or needed requirements are:

  • Name of the bride and groom.
  • Date and location of wedding.
  • Some details of any photographs, or video they wish to include.
  • We also require some video footage, preferably picked by the customer. We ask that the total video length be of approximately 5 minutes in length after we have captured and edited the footage. It is possible to have more video footage, but this is not part of the standard package. Video can be supplied in various forms (DVD, digital file on various media, VHS tape, DV tape).
  • A choice of photographs, preferably chosen by the customer. If titles or captions are desired for photographs, the customer should supply details for those. Photographs can be supplied in digital forms (digital file on various media or memory card, or can be scanned (up to A4 size). The customer is asked to have a choice of approximately 10 photographs. More photographs can be added, but is not part of the standard package.
  • Sound files for narration, messages, or music can be supplied in several forms too (CD, DVD, digital file on various media or memory card, cassette tape, LP).

Standard DVD package

The standard package contains:

  • 5 minutes of video.
  • 10 photographs with captions.
  • 1 background music track for the slideshow.
  • DVD menu.
  • Title: Introduction and date.
  • Title: Message of thanks from bride and groom.
  • Label printing on disc surface.

Pricing for standard package

Disc authoring, and discs are prices separatly. This allows us to keep pricing low, and to allow you to purchase numerous copies of your disc at an affordable price.

Item Price
Standard DVD package R100.00
DVD R20.00 / disc
Packaging (box type) R15.00
Packaging (sleeve type) R5.00

Pricing for optional extras

Apart from the standard package, additional items can be selected for inclusion in the final project.

Item Price
Photo R2.00 / photo
Title R0.50 / word
Background music R5.00 / track


  • Adding content to a disc results in the need for more storage space, and may necessitate the need to increase the compression ratios of video and audio. Doing so decreases the quality of that video and audio.
  • When capturing from VHS, audio cassette or LP care is taken to capture at the highest possible quality, and filtering is performed to improve on the capture content. However, while great care is taken, due to the nature and lesser quality of original media, quality cannot be guaranteed.
  • The responsibility on copyright rests on the customer on an music tracks used on the disc.