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Our Studio

Showreel Africa (cc) reg. 2008/221060/23
Our founders, and members Andrew & Martéz

Our combined expertise, and experience includes numerous qualifications in acting and IT; Many years in front of the camera, with countless leads in commercials, both film and print, as well as features in several motion pictures. We are a registered film distributor.

Based just outside Cape Town, South Africa, we use top of the range specialised hardware and software.


  • Sony digital video mini-DV camera.
  • Sony DVD player.
  • Sansui multi-system Nicam stereo VCR.
  • Phillips TV monitor.
  • LG LCD monitor.
  • MAG CRT colour correct monitor.
  • ADS A/V link with component and firewire connections.
  • Gold plated shielded cabling (component and firewire).


  • Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Elite Pro (THX certified).
  • Sansui studio headphones.
  • Creative / Cambridge Soundworks DTT3500 Dolby Digital 5.1 speaker system.
  • Sony CD player.
  • Genisis direct drive studio LP player.
  • Pioneer studio cassette player with Dolby noise reduction.
  • Fibre optic or gold plated shielded cabling.


  • Genius 1200dpi scanner.
  • Cannon high quality photo printer.
  • HP 5.3MP digital still camera.


  • Memorex DVD drive.
  • LG DVD re-writer drive.
  • Integral multi- memory card reader.
  • Iomega ZIP drive.