Showreel, Video, Photo, Audio & Web.

Showreel creation

All actor and models need a professional, up-to-date showreel. We specialise in the creation, and authoring of these discs.

What the disc will contain

We offer a standard package for your footage.

  • Short edit of your footage.
  • A navigation menu.
  • An opening title for the footage.
  • CV information.
  • Label printed directly onto the disc
  • A DVD jewel case to store the disc.

Requirements for showreel

What is needed to create your showreel.

  • You need a few pieces of footage, preferably from feature roles, and preferably at least one piece with dialogue, although this is not necessary, and you are welcome to use class / studio work.
  • Details on the footage. E.g. Piece title, production company, year, etc.
  • Information to be included on CV.
  • Up to five photographs; headshots or full-length. Should you need photographs to be taken please contact us to discuss.

Standard package

The standard package contains:

  • Authored footage to DVD.
  • DVD menu.
  • Title: Introduction to footage.
  • CV information.
  • Up to five photographs.
  • Up to 10 minutes of edited footage, off up to 5 pieces.
  • Contact details.
  • Label printing on disc surface.

Pricing for standard package

Disc authoring, and discs are priced separately. This allows us to keep pricing low, and to allow you to purchase numerous copies of your disc at an affordable price.

Item Price
Showreel R1500.00
Additional copy R20.00 / disc
Additional Packaging (case type) R15.00
Additional Packaging (sleeve type) R5.00

Pricing for optional extras

Apart from the standard package, additional items can be selected for inclusion in the final project.

Item Price
Retrieval of footage Please discuss footage retrieval with us.


  • Turnaround times for showreel creation can be longer during season (October - March)
  • The responsibility on copyright rests on the customer on an music tracks used on the disc.