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Showreel F.A.Q's

Answers to commonly asked questions about showreels.

Who needs a showreel?

Actors, models, voice artists, dancers, in fact anybody who is taking their work in the industry seriously.

Why do I need a showreel?

For an actor, and a model breaking in to the film or T.V. medium, a showreel is an important asset. Especially should you not yet have a profile with casting directors, are starting out, or are not that well known. This is your marketing tool, your advert, and in many senses your C.V. Many actors waist precious time trying to become 'known' but are not marketing themselves properly. A professional showreel is an important, and integral part of your marketing strategy. If your showreel falls short of what a casting director is looking for, or expecting, that opportunity is lost.

What should my showreel contain?

Your showreel needs to contain about three or four facets of your work. The showreel needs to be short, fast-paced, and punchy. You want whoever watches, agent, client, or casting director wanting more. You want to raise their interest, and notice you, and that way, they will have to meet you.