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Modelling F.A.Q's

Answers to commonly asked questions about the modelling industry.

What are the requirements to become a model?

You obviously need a look that an agent would want, you need to be healthy, and in good shape.
Girls: You will need to be between 1.72 and 1.79 m tall. There are exceptions but rare, as 'short' as 1.70 m if the agent thinks you are really fabulous. Agents will sometimes take taller, but it then becomes harder to match you up with other girls, or guys, on a shoot.
Guys: Agents take guys with a height between 1.80 to 1.84 m. Again there are sometimes exceptoins, but you will again need to have something the agent could really work with.

How should I approach an agent?

Modelling agents usually set aside particular days to view new talent. It is not advisable to just walk in as they are usually busy with clients and will not be able to give you their undivided attention. The best way, once you've decided on an agent, is to give them a call, they'll ask you a few questions, and perhaps request that you send them a photograph of yourself.
We do offer a small photographic package tailored for those who have no pictures to offer, to take wtih you. We advise against going to do a big portfolio shoot at this stage as your agent will arrange one for you once you're signed. This is called a test. You may have to do more than one test, depending on individual needs. Once this is completed, your agency will have a z-card printed. This is an A5 card (business card) that will be left with clients, casting directors or sent off as part of the marketing packages to clients.