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Transfer audio cassette to CD

Transfer your aging and out-dated audio cassettes to high quality CD. We can also encode to digital media files, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.

What the disc will contain

We offer a standard package for audio transferred from audio cassette.

  • Up to 74 minutes of audio / disc
  • Track list if required.
  • Label printed directly onto the disc (scanned from cassette insert if available).
  • A CD jewel case to store the disc.

Requirements for capture

What is needed to capture the footage, and create the DVD.

  • Audio cassette with original material.
  • Details for a track list.
  • Formats for media files if encoding is required.

Standard transfer package

The standard package contains:

  • Transfer of audio from cassette.
  • Separate music tracks.
  • Track list.
  • Label printing on disc surface.
  • Basic processing of captured audio.

Pricing for standard package

Disc authoring, and discs are priced separately. This allows us to keep pricing low, and to allow you to purchase numerous copies of your disc at an affordable price.

Item Price
Audio capture R75.00 / 74 minutes of captured audio
CD R20.00 / disc
Packaging (case type) R15.00
Packaging (sleeve type) R5.00

Pricing for optional extras

Apart from the standard package, additional items can be selected for inclusion in the final project.

Item Price
Additional processing / filtering R20.00 / 74 minutes of audio


  • Although the utmost care is taken, due to the mechanical nature of the media, we can not be held responsible for breakages.
  • Although care is taken, and processing is performed on captured audio, we can not guarantee the final quality of sound taken from poor quality cassettes.
  • Any addtional requests can be discussed so we can quote you.
  • Adding more than 74 minutes of audio is not recommended for CDs due to compatibility issues with discs and players.
  • The responsibility on copyright rests on the customer on any music tracks used on the disc.